Current favourites

I have so many new favourite products that I’ve discovered over the past few months. From wax melts to nail polish, there’s so many amazing things I now can’t live without.

Wax melts

Over lockdown, I’ve gotten into wax melts. Before I used to use candles but they can get really expensive especially if you enjoy Yankee Candles like I do. I bought a starter kit from a local wax melt business called U Melt Me. Her website is and she also stocks different gifts for Christmas like scarves, local artwork and plant pots.

Essie ExprEssie nail polish

One thing I’ve missed the most since before lockdown is getting my nails done. I had been getting gels done every 3-4 weeks for the last few years but obviously with lockdown I was unable to get them done. It’s something I haven’t done since places started opening back up because a) I don’t want to spend the money, and b) I’m not comfortable going out to unnecessary places. I’ve heard great things about the new Essie quick dry nail polish so I ordered myself a bottle in the shade “Second First Love” which is a beautiful nudey pink colour which is my favourite to wear. Its quick drying and it lasts a few days before it starts to chip. I’m a big fan of the formula and I will definitely be buying some more colours.

Tiger balm

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to try out tiger balm. I always see it in shops but I thought it was just another one of those gimmicks. But since I can’t use deep heat or ibulive gel because my skin hates it, I decided to try out a small pot of the white Tiger Balm to see if it actually helps with my muscle pain. I get a lot of neck pain and this balm cools and soothes the tight muscles. I just apply a little bit with my fingers and rub it in gently over the tense and sore areas. Within a few minutes your skin starts to feel cool and the pain starts to fade. It doesn’t completely take away the pain, it masks the pain and you’re able to relax a bit. If you have chronic neck pain I would highly recommend you try this product out. There are different types of tiger balms out there and they come in different sized containers. I bought mine from Boots.

Lee Stafford Purple Reign Toning shampoo

Every blonde out there knows you have to really take care of your colour or your hair will end up brassy and dull. I’ve found it so difficult to find a cruelty-free and vegan purple shampoo that’s cheap and actually works. It you are someone who only buys cruelty-free then Lee Stafford is a hair care brand you should try out. I love all of the products I’ve tried from the brand and I adore this purple shampoo. It’s has chamomile, pro vitamin b5 and moringa extract that leaves your hair hydrated, soft and keeps your colour nice and toned. And it only costs £6.99 for a 250ml bottle.

Burts Bees lipbalm

Now that the winter months are upon us, it’s time to break out the really moisturising lip balms. I don’t know about you but I can’t go to sleep without applying some lipbalm. I can’t stand the feeling of dry and chapped lips so I always have a lip balm in my bedside table. Did you know that a lot of lip balms are actually toxic? I had no idea. I try to use more natural and non toxic products when I can and Burts Bees is a great natural skincare line. I love their coconut scented lip balm because it reminds me of the summer and right now I miss it so much.

Revolution Skincare Hydration Boost Gel Cream

For a while I was using the moisturiser from The Ordinary that everyone and their mother on tiktok recommend but I was finding it too heavy to wear during the day. I hunted and hunted for an unscented and affordable moisturiser because who wants to spend £25 on a moisturiser?! Revolution skincare is super affordable and this moisturiser is £8 for a 50ml pot. They also do one for dry skin and a mattifying one now too.

What are some of your favourite products at the moment? Id love to hear.

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  1. lynnmumbingmejia says:

    Love this list! I feel you on how expensive candles are! I bought a small Christmas Wreath Essential oil and have been putting a few drops in my diffuser every day 🙂 Also loving vitamin C serum on my skin since we don’t get a lot of sun anymore xo


    1. Becca says:

      Candles are ridiculously expensive these days! I need to start using vitamin c too. X

      Liked by 1 person

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