Healthy Hair Habits

For the last couple of years, I’ve been on a healthy hair journey. I’ve always wanted long, healthy and shiny hair but I’ve never had it. I’ve always ended up chopping my hair into a bob or a long bob because my hair was either really damaged or I got bored of trying to grow it out.

I used to bleach my hair back in the day and my hair was fried! I also had a few years where my chronic illness was really bad and my hair was falling out and it was really thin so between that and bleaching it, my hair looked awful! My hair is finally healthy now and it’s the longest it’s ever been.

My hair goal is to grow my hair out past my boobs and keep it healthy because I’ve never had really long hair before. I’m also planning on colouring my hair a darker blonde balayage instead of a light blonde balayage in the new year. I love having a low maintenance hair colour and a dark blonde balayage is perfect.

I’ve been sticking to a healthy hair routine and there are a few things that I swear by and use/do everyday.

Silk hair ties

I’ve stopped using normal hair bobbles and switched to silk scrunchies when I’m at home. Silk scrunchies make such a massive difference to your hair. They pull less and you’ll notice that you lose less hair when you tie your hair up. They’re also good for preventing dents and kinks in your hair and preserving your hairstyles. I have a bunch of really pretty skinny and regular silk scrunchies from New Look and I love them.

Claw clips

Instead of always putting my hair up in a bun or high pony, I started twisting my hair up in a Claw clip like everyone did when I was a little girl. It’s also great if you’ve curled or styled your hair but you want to put it up because it won’t ruin your style. I also find Claw clips better if you suffer with headaches like I do from wearing your hair up in a tight hair tie.

Heat protectant

Always use a heat protectant! If you use any kind of heat on your hair make sure you always use some sort of heat protectant. My favourites are by Lee Stafford because they are all cruelty-free and vegan and Olaplex no 6 is another favourite of mine. I have to admit, I wasn’t great at remembering to use heat protection on my hair but now I make sure I always use it every time I heat style my hair and now my hair is looking much healthier. Tresemee also does an amazing heat protectant spray that you can buy in almost any shop and it’s really affordable.

Silk pillowcases

I bought some fake silk pillow cases from amazon after hearing Kourtney Kardashian raving about how great silk pillow cases are for your skin and hair. I obviously don’t want real silk products and they are super expensive so I bought some fake ones and they are great. When I use it, my hair gets less frizzy and oily. It’s like magic. So many brands make them now and you can get them in any colour to match your bedding. I have white ones and I love them. I feel so glam and so luxe when I use them.

Wet brush

I love my wet brush and it’s the only hair brush I use now. I used to use a regular paddle brush from Primark for years and then I switched to a tangle teaser and then to a wet brush and I definitely prefer my wet brush. It’s really good at getting knots out of your hair and as the name suggests it’s safe to use on wet hair. I have the original one but they have different kinds like one for blow drying your hair and mini ones that are great for your handbag or for travelling.


If you haven’t tried Olaplex yet then what are you doing?! There’s a reason why celebrities like Kim K and Ariana Grande use it and that’s because it is life changing! I started using Olaplex no. 3 about 3 or 4 years ago and I love it. I started using it once a week/every 10 days in the beginning but now I only use it once every month or so. I also use it a few days before I get my hair coloured and a few days after to prevent so much damage. It’s not the cheapest product but it’s so worth it. I always buy mine from Beauty Bay because it’s one of the cheapest places I’ve found it.

Limit heat

Everyone knows that using heat on your hair is very damaging so try to limit how much heat you use. If you’re like me then it’s much easier in the summer when you can leave your hair air dry but in the winter it’s much harder. I cannot stand having wet hair in the winter so I have to dry it with a hair dryer. What I’ve started doing to limit the damage is leave my hair air dry as much as I can and then apply heat. I also only use hair straighteners or curlers for special occasions and that’s made a great difference to my hair.

Scalp massage

I have a scalp massager tool that I stole from my dad and I use it a few times a week to stimulate my hair follicles. I recently bought one you use in the shower with shampoo when you wash your hair after seeing it all over tiktok and it’s great. It’s really good for hair growth and if you have a problem with dandruff plus it feels really good.

Wash as little as you can

Even though I have oily hair, I try to only wash it 2-3 times a week and dry shampoo is my best friend. When I’m staying at home I try to wash it less than that. I don’t really care about walking around my home with dirty hair because no one’s seeing it. The less you wash your hair the better and I’ve noticed a massive difference in how oily my hair gets and how much healthier it is. I’m so jealous of people who don’t get oily hair, I’d love to be able to go 2 days without washing my hair and not have to use dry shampoo.

What are some of your tips and favourite products for keeping your hair healthy?

Are you on a healthy hair journey like I am?

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  1. Frankie says:

    I had to cut all my damaged hair off a few months ago, and now I’m trying really hard to take care of it and bring back my natural curls. Shea Moisture and Not Your Mother’s have been my best friend! Keep with it, girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Becca says:

      Good luck on your hair journey. X


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