Habits I’m giving up in 2021

Happy new year!!

This post is inspired by a YouTube video posted by one of my favourite influencers Sam Ozkural. In her video she shares 5 habits she’s giving up in 2021 and I was really inspired by her video. One of her habits she wants to leave in 2020 is living in the future. She talks about how goal oriented she is and sometimes she is so focused on those goals that she forgets to live now. I think that’s a great habit to break because I know a lot of people including myself think like that and then we miss out on the present.

So, I’m not someone who makes new year’s resolutions because I believe you can choose to change on any day of the year not just on a new year. I usually set some goals or targets like reading 10 new books or meditate more frequently because I find that much more manageable and less daunting in my opinion.

I want to share some of the habits I’m hoping to leave behind in 2020 and hopefully it will motivate me to stick to it and maybe it will inspire you to drop some bad habits too.

Negative mindset

My first habit I want to leave in 2020 is being negative. Anyone who knows me will say that I’m a negative person. I have been for most of my life, it’s just what I’m used to. But being negative is exhausting and while I’m not half as negative as I was when I was a teenager, I’m still pretty negative and I have to change that. I remember sitting exams in school and I would tell everyone “I’m going to fail. I’m going to do badly in this exam.” I did that all the time but I always ended up doing well in my exams. I had no confidence and being negative was a part of me.
I believe you get what you put out in this world so being negative attracts negativity and no one needs that! So, I’m going to start replacing any negative thought with a positive one for example, saying “I am doing my best” instead of “I’m not good at this”.

Bad sleep pattern

I’ve had a terrible sleep pattern since my early teens. I’ve struggled on and off for years with insomnia and my sleep schedule is just completely messed up. I either sleep too much or not enough. I want to focus this year on having a good sleep routine. My plan is to be ready for bed every night by 10.30pm and lying in bed ready to sleep by 11pm. For some, that might still be late but for me that’s a pretty early night. I have a terrible habit of watching Netflix for too long at night or scrolling mindlessly on my phone until 2am. It’s a terrible habit and I’m going to break it. Having a good night’s sleep is so important for everyone and especially for someone like me who has a chronic illness. Sleeping is a time to recharge and rest and without a good sleep you won’t feel your best.

Being scared of change

I think a lot of people are scared of change and I’m one of them. Staying in your comfort zone is obviously comfortable and it’s hard to change when you feel safe.
There’s an amazing quote by Max Depree that’s stuck in my head over the last few weeks – “We cannot become what we want by remaining the same.” Those words are so true! How can we expect to grow and reach our goals if we can’t change. I’m really bad at sticking to what I know and not pushing myself out of my comfort zone and that needs to change. Obviously with the whole pandemic, we can’t all just go out and try new things out of our comfort zone but there are some things we are still able to do from the safety of out homes. For me, one thing I want to do is to push myself out of my comfort zone with blogging and really work hard and put myself out there. It seems so scary but once I take the first step everything will start to fall into place and it will feel so good.

What are some bad habits your planning on breaking in 2021?

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