A Snow Day: Photo Diary

Last weekend we were super lucky and we had snow. Most of the UK had snow for a couple of days which was really exciting. Its been a while since we had a good amount of snow where I live so it was very exciting. I’m almost 25 and I still get really excited over snow and since we hadnt had a lot in a while, it was really magical.

I took our dogs out in the afternoon for some play time in the snow and they loved it. I was throwing snowballs for them to catch although Bobi was getting very confused when they would just disappear into the snow. Poor boy! Before anyone ask, I couldn’t find Bobis coat but he has plenty of fur to keep him warm and we were only out for 20 minutes.

Did you get any snow? If so, did you go outside or did you sit indoors with a hot cup of tea instead?

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