How Im Simplifying My Life

Todays post is all about a couple of ways Ive been simplifying my life over the last couple of months. Having chronic illnesses is exhausting and Ive been trying to do everything I can to make my day to day life easier.

There are so many ways you can simplify your life. Maybe you want to declutter or maybe you just want to put together a daily routine and stick to it. Im going to share the 4 things Im doing/have done recently that have drastically changed my daily life for the better.

Only buy makeup you need

Only buying skincare and makeup I need and use has not only simplified my routines but its also saved me money. When I started blogging a few years ago, I was completely submerged in the beauty blogging community. If a bunch of people recommended a new foundation I went out and bought it. Before long I had a massive collection of makeup that overwhelmed me, took up space and products I never used. I still have a lot more makeup than the “average” person but now I only repurchase products I love and I only try new products when I really really like the sound and look of it. By doing this, my makeup routine is so much easier and straightforward. Not having a choice of 20 eyeshadow palettes and 15 different foundation’s makes getting ready so much more quicker.

Get rid of clothes you no longer wear or dont fit

This has been the biggest game changer in my life!! Before I decided to go through my clothes, the majority of my wardrobe was old clothes I kept that no longer fit me after my lockdown weight gain. Every time i opened my wardrobe or drawers I would instantly feel sad because there was all of these beautiful clothes that used to fit me but no longer did. It also made it a nightmare to get dressed for the day because I had to hunt in between my old clothes for the clothes that do fit me or that were still my style. So I started decluttering my clothes this year after having enough of my complicated wardrobe. Ive sold the majority of my clothes on eBay and donated the clothes that weren’t in the best condition. Not only did I clear up space in my room but I also made money to put towards buying new clothes that do fit me. Now when I go to get dressed in the morning, I know that everything in my wardrobe fits me and theres no digging around or stressing over what to wear.

Unfollow, unfollow, unfollow

I’m sure you’ve been told by so many people online or in person to unfollow people online who interfere with your mental health. Well now, Im telling you to unfollow people you aren’t interacting with or getting anything positive out of their posts. Maybe unfollow 3 of the many positive quote accounts you follow on instagram. Im guilty of following 10 motivational or home decor accounts instead of just the 1 or 2 and then your feed is just a spam of the same content. By unfollowing these accounts you will see more of the posts you usually miss but want to see.

Write down your passwords

Jot down your passwords. I have spend so many hours trying to remember my passwords and then having to go through the palaver or resetting it and remembering the new password. Make a not preferably in a notebook or on your phone notes of all of your social media passwords then when you need to sign back in just quickly have a look through your notes and find what you’re looking for. This may sound like a stupid but trust me, you will thank me later.

Have a go to menu

I recently started a list in my notes app of all of my favourite simple and quick go to meals so that when Im in a rush or I have no inspiration for dinner time I just check on that list. I have simple meals like omelettes, vegetable soup and my personal favourite which is a pitta bread pizza. If you’ve not tried a pitta pizza before then you have not lived! Its a quick, healthy and easy way to make a pizza yourself without having to make a pizza dough. Thats all you need is pitta, tomato sauce , cheese and toppings of tour choice. Slap it all together and place in the over for a few minuted then *bam* you have yourself a delicious meal. So whenever Im suck on what to eat I just check back to my list and I will always have the ingredients on hand for at least one of those meals.

What are some things you do to simplify your life? Please share them below and let me know if you’d like a part 2 to this post.

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