Mini Bedroom Makeover

After almost a year in lockdown and spending a lot of time in my bedroom, I got really bored of how my room was looking. My style changes so often that it’s hard to keep up with! I honestly could redecorate every few months if I could.

I was mostly happy with my room but there was a few things I just didn’t like or I was over so I replaces some prints and bought a few new items.

Ive never been happy with how I decorated above my bed. I have quite a high headboard so it makes decorating that wall really difficult. Years ago I had 3 frames with really crappy quality prints in them and the problem was the hooks were way to high up on the wall and it looked ridiculous. So 2 summers ago, I repainted my room and filled those holes in. I then hung a few mini macrame wall hangings with command hooks but they never looked right. Also command hooks suck! Everytime I’ve used one and removed it, it’s pulled off pain with it. Ffs.

I’ve always loved the look of 3 frames prints above a bed so I decided to hunt down some perfect prints on Etsy to buy and hang in white frames. I ordered some basic white frames from Dunelm and I bought these beautiful prints from Paper Rose Prints UK on Etsy. I bought the ‘Neutral Abstract Floral prints’ and they are perfect. I wanted some prints with a bit of colour but I wanted them mostly neutral because I love that look right now. I obviously had to go with a blush pink accent because that’s what I have in my room already and it’s my favourite colour. I’m obsessed!

Another thing I really wanted was a bunch of dried flowers. I really love the look of dried flowers in a pretty vase and I have an old fake orchid in a vase from IKEA that I’ve been wanting to replace for a while now. Dried flowers gives a really contemporary look to a space and I really wanted that somewhere in my room. I decided to use an old blush pink and white tall vase I already had to put some flowers in and I love the overall look.

And my favourite part about my room is the pink wall I decided to paint. I found the perfect shade of pink from Dulux and the shade is “Satin Bow”. My brother and mum kindly painted the walls for me because I cant and it turned out so beautiful! I then bought a big white frame from Dunelm and printed out my favourite photo from a family holiday in Spain that I took. Im obsessed.

Another really pretty thing I just had to buy for my room was this really cute basket from Ikea. I use it to store my spare blankets and my heating pads for easy access. This basket is pretty big so it stores everything I need while still being pretty.

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