Hair Products That Helped My Hair Grow Long & Healthy

I swear Ive been on my healthy hair journey my entire life! It definitely feels like that sometimes. Its taken me years and years to get healthy hair but surprisingly it hasnt taken me too long to grow my hair out. For the first time in my entire life I actually have long hair.

So my long hair journey started just before the first lockdown in March 2020. My hair was just below my shoulders and now its down to the middle of my back. Before lockdown I had just given up trying to grow my hair because it always ended up looking too damaged and Id chop it to a long bob. I had a long bob for years and I loved it but not being able to go to the hairdressers (thanks covid) was a good opportunity to try to grow my hair.

I swear by the products Ive been using and I know without them my hair wouldnt be this long.

For reference, this was my hair at the end of summer 2019.
This is my hair freshly done in September of this year.

The key to long hair is to have healthy hair first. Thats what Ive spent the last couple of years focusing on. Although my ends look quite damaged and dry in this photo, they actually aren’t and its because I needed to brush my hair because Id been outside in the wind. Oops.

Olaplex 3 & 6

I swear Olaplex was made by the gods!! Its unreal the power thats in those tiny bottles. Ive been using number 3 for a few years now and Ive been using number 6 for about 2/3 years. Olaplex number 3 is a repairing treatment you apply to towel dried hair for at least 10 minutes and Olaplex number 6 is a leave in treatment with heat protection you apply to wet hair before styling. These 2 are my holy grail products. I will never stop using them because I swear my hair wouldn’t look this good without them. I know its a lot of money but its definitely worth it.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo has been my saviour for years! I honestly couldn’t live without it. My hair is naturally oily and without dry shampoo I would have to wash my hair every single day. Ive tried training my hair multiple times and Ive tried all of the tips out there to stop having greasy hair and nothing has worked. At this point I’ve just accepted that my hair is oily and I can’t do anything to change it. But with dry shampoo I can go 2 days (sometimes 3 days) without washing my hair. My all time favourite dry shampoo is the Batiste dry shampoo. Its cheap and it does the job.

There you go. These are the 3 hair products I have sworn by and used religiously to grow out my hair. Whats your favourite hair care product?

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