My Dream Christmas List

Im a huge fan of Tiktok and spend a lot of time scrolling through the app everyday. One video Ive seen so many people making is their dream Christmas list so I thought it would be fun if I made a list of my own.

I just want to mention that this is my “dream” wishlist and I dont expect any of these things. At the end of the day all I want for Christmas is to spend it with all of my family and my friends. This is just a fun list I made with items I would love to have but definitely dont expect.

Dyson Airwrap

Anyone thats into hair probably owns this or wants to own this. I would love to have the air wrap but its soo expensive and I dont think I could justify spending that much on a hair tool. I know its not just any hair tool and its suppose to be so much better for your hair than conventional hair tools but its a pricey item. Id love to give it a go and see if it would curl my hair because since its been long it never holds a curl. Dyson knows how to make a product look good too and I love that they have brought out a navy and gold colour combo one out.

Nespresso machine

This is on my wishlist but Ive actually already ordered it for myself. Ive been wanting a Nespresso machine for almost a year now but I promised myself Id wait until Christmas to get one. It was finally in stock in the matte black colour that I like a few months ago so I decided to order it ready for Christmas incase it didn’t come back into stock. I cant even tell you how excited I am to set this up on Christmas morning and make myself a coffee. Ive literally been having dreams about it!

Olaplex shampoo and conditioner

I recently bought the mini size of the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner to test it out and I love it! I was secretly hoping I wouldn’t like it because its an expensive line to use but luckily I only wash my hair about 3 times a week so it should last me a while.

Iris & Lilly Cotton Pj’s

Ive been obsessed with this style of pyjamas ever since I started watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and I saw Kourtney wearing a long sleeved pair on the show. Pjs like this look so classy and elegant and I just love it. I have no idea what brand of pyjamas Kourtney was wearing but I found a similar pair of short sleeves ones (because Im a hot sleeper) on Amazon for around £20.

Gucci white gold icon star ring

This really is my dream Christmas gift. I first saw this ring when the lovely blogger and influencer Em Sheldon shared this ring on her Black Friday sale post. Its a beautiful white gold ring with little star cut outs and the iconic Gucci logo. Now you may want to sit down before seeing the price of this ring because it cost over £1,000!! If only I won the lottery….

Charlotte Tilbury Cream Eyeshadow

This has been on my wishlist for ages and Im not sure why I haven’t bought it actually. I love Charlotte Tilbury but Ive only tried a few of her lipsticks. Ive been eyeing up the cream shadow in the shade Walk Of No Shame for so long. I don’t wear eyeshadow very much but Im making a conscious effort to take the time to do eye makeup more often now. I love a cream eyeshadow because its so quick but it looks so effective. I love bronze/copper/gold colours on my eyes and I think this shade would really compliment my green eyes.

Diptique candle

I have never owned an expensive candle before mainly because I could never bring myself to spend that much on a candle when theres so many incredible ones you can buy for a fraction of the price. But I would love a Diptique candle and the packaging is is beautiful.

YSL Black Opium perfume

Black Opium is one of my all time favourite scents. I have loved it for years but I ran out of it a while ago and I really miss wearing it. Its crazy how much a really nice scent can completely change your mood and your attitude. When I wear this perfume I feel so pretty and put together. And the bottle looks so pretty on my dressing table.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk eyeshadow palette and blush

Of course I have another 2 Charlotte Tilbury products on my wishlist! Ive also had these two products on my wishlist for years but I havent bought it. The Pillow Talk line in my opinion is the prettiest line Charlotte Tilbury has. The eyeshadow palette had 4 beautiful colours that are so my cup of tea and the blush looks stunning! As I said earlier, Ive only ever tried Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and I love them so Ive always wanted to try out some other makeup from her brand.

Whats on your dream Christmas list this year? Id love to hear.

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