I Started My Own Jewellery Business! – Pearl & Lily UK

I’m so excited to write this blog post! It’s been a dream of mine for a while now and I finally did it. I’ve started my very own jewellery business!

Introducing Pearl & Lily UK!

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Habits I’m giving up in 2021

Happy new year!!

This post is inspired by a YouTube video posted by one of my favourite influencers Sam Ozkural. In her video she shares 5 habits she’s giving up in 2021 and I was really inspired by her video. One of her habits she wants to leave in 2020 is living in the future. She talks about how goal oriented she is and sometimes she is so focused on those goals that she forgets to live now. I think that’s a great habit to break because I know a lot of people including myself think like that and then we miss out on the present.

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